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Database solutions

Mediafamily can provide excellent database design for large projects. We use latest Database Management Systems like MYSQL, PostgreSQL, to design Web Based Database Application.

Why to use a Database ?

To allow your customers to shop and order online, browse and search catalogs, perform research, and receive personalized information, you need a database, which can maintain all the information. It is through these database applications that the World Wide Web becomes the medium.

The advantages of an online database are:

• Database-driven Website Deployment offers the ability to separate content from   presentation.

•  Dynamic Database Web pages can be updated dynamically by changing the    information in the database itself. It takes much less time than manually creating    web page or edit it

• World Wide Access Your data is no longer confined to your office server, but can    now be accessed by anyone connected to the World Wide Web.

• Reliability It is a more reliable way to publish information with a consistent layout    no matter how many times the content of the page may change.

• Auto Search an automated search agent can search your database periodically for    information of interest to your customers, and it can e-mail the results.

• Increase Sales Your database-integrated site can automatically alert customers to    new product releases or price changes, or forward web-generated leads to sales    representatives and distributors instantly.

• Import / Export Data can be exported from your company's server and automatically be imported into the database, creating a seamless interchange and updating of data for your website.

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