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Outsourcing Romania

Web Hosting

We currently have one major web hosting account plan for our servers. Our Standard account is more than sufficient for most small to medium sized websites. Please contact us if you need more or require more bandwidth for websites with heavy traffic — we can help.

Need Website Updates too? Or need us to upload your website? Not a problem. Because we're a full-service web design company, if you need updates to your website, we can help. This is a benefit to you because most web hosting companies will assist you with your web hosting account, but they won't upload your website or make changes to it.

Web Hosting Services
Operating System Linux, Apache Web Server
Account Size Standard: 100 MB
Traffic 15GB per month
Control Panel cPanel (free)
Email Accounts 10+
Email Forwarding Yes
Email Spam Filters Yes
Email Antivirus Yes
Web Mail Yes
MySQL Database Yes
Database Backups Yes
PhpMyAdmin Yes
Perl,PHP Yes
FTP access Yes
Sendmail Yes
Raw Logs Yes
Backups Yes
.htaccess Yes
mod_rewrite Yes
Stats Packages AW Stats
Costs 5€ per month OR 25€ per 6 month or 50€ per 13 month (3.84€/month), $0 setup fee

Need a Domain Name? We can also help to register a domain name ("yoursite.com" or "yoursite.ro") for your website — and help you to ensure that you own it.
Romanian domain .ro costs 40€ with hosting and 45€ without hosting. For other domain names please contact us.

* VAT (19%) will be added to the above mentioned prices if you are from Romania or from an EU country without a valid VAT number.

Contact us today to discuss your web hosting needs.

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