Offshore outsourcing

MediaFamily is an I.T. company which is providing offshore software development outsourcing and application development services for companies across the globe from it's software outsourcing center in Targu Mures, Romania; where we are specifically focused in the fields of

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Most recent examples.

Web 2.0 Community entertainment Movie, Film, Star portal.

Radio Targu Mures
Regional Radio station with millions of leasteners.

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Outsourcing Romania

IT Outsourcing is a successful strategy

Outsourcing software development offers significant cost savings. However, companies need reliable outsourcing partners to realise those savings. MediaFamily has built a reputation for doing outstanding work that is predominantly delivered on time, and on budget. MediaFamily helps firms exploit the full potential of IT outsourcing, and deliver world-class results.

It doesn't matter where in the world you are located; MediaFamily can help you to grow your business.

Why choose us?

  • Our Programmers have 6+ Years of hands on experience in web development.
  • More then 6 year experience in Outsourcing (Germany, France)
  • European mentality
  • Shared risk
  • Efficient Turnover
  • Little or no capital investments
  • Our geographic location makes Romania an ideal choice for a European company to develop an IT platform to support its needs
  • Pay only for the people you need
  • English - spoken by everyone working in the IT&C sector
Main Services
To keep on always standing ahead in the race of new technology, we use the latest techniques and software. Our core competences in languages are PHP/MySQL Development, Web and Print Design, Flash, AJAX development, and others related.
Ever important, but only if all things are equal. What is the budget? How does it compare to the timescale? How important is the labour cost? Have I considered the, often hidden, cost of management time?

Our prices are extremely competitive. We can offer Fixed-Priced Contracts or Contracts Considering Hourly Rates.

Try us out with a pilot project and in this way you can evaluate our offshore developer's ability, skills, and trustworthyness.
Success Stories

"Excellent work in delivering the commisioned website in time, budget and with the expected functionality. Very professional after care and expectation management."
Laszlo Peter
Program Manager
Commonwealth Bank of Australia

"We have outsourced our entire Information Technology department to MediaFamily which helped us focusing on our core activities. This way we had satisfied customers and more profit. The collaboration went very smooth and the deadlines ware respected. I would not estitate to recommand MediaFamily to other companies aswell."
Maria Gabriella Kiss
Project Manager & sales
Ebits srl, Romania

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